addicted to stories

because of the transit strike, i haven't been home in a few days. the always generous tango-kitesurfer stacy let me stay in her showroom apartment with her showroom cat sammy so i only had to walk 30 minutes to work instead of commuting 2+ hours from home.

when i got home i found my secret santa gift! thank you thank you thank you i am enjoying it immensely already.

and i got a cute xmas card from my financial advisor. It's the one of
Lisa (from The Simpsons) with arms outstretched: "Don't buy into those Christmas marketing ploys. They're nothing but an evil plot set to destroy our value system and desensitize us to the greed and gusto of a capitalist economy therefore making us walking and talking advertisements for the purveyance of excess. Merry Christmas."

been on a comic frenzy since roboto got me Y: The Last Man. went through flight 1 & 2 as well - an anthology of short graphic stories from emerging artists. so many stories to digest and absorb! i will be content for a long time to come :)


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