i walked by this today

transit strike talks are getting increasingly theatrical. tomorrow mayor bloomberg will make a public announcement of the city's contingency plans. am i weird for finding this EXCITING?? when TWU President Roger Toussaint ripped up the lawsuit in front of the Hyatt, Al Sharpton raised his eyebrow in surprise before joining the crowds in cheers of approval. bystanders on the other side of 42nd street whistled and clapped in support, even though they were not transit workers themselves. according to the Local 100 website, there will be another march this thursday from Governor Pataki's office on 39th and 3rd to the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Terminal, in case anyone has the time to spectate.

in the clip on the NBC nightly news, i saw someone who WORKS ON MY FLOOR commenting on the budget surplus. i will find out tomorrow what her name is...

drama drama drama. i love it.


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