setting up, taiwan independence, and abortion

the incentive to set up a blog was to participate in secret santa! i noticed this project a few years ago, in my web-whore days. i love the idea of a mystery gift from a mystery person. so much suspense! i'm not really sure how this blog will turn out though - probably a mish-mash of spelling and grammar mistakes. still working out a few kinks, filling out the flesh of the site, pretty boring in the mean time.

so i'll start with some random musings: over dinner last night, a friend attempted to get my take on the independent taiwan situation. as a taiwanese, i feel a certain responsibility to support the island's independence. but as i learned more about how the whole thing started, the more it doesnt matter to have a stance on it. it's just a symptom of different nations defending their interests, dressing up their positions with historical rhetoric and manipulation. not to say the whole thing's just a spectacle. it's just not worth debating about. for me, anyway. the countries will work something out eventually, and if they like yelling at each other in the meantime, then let them. there are too many other things to fight about, and this is just one of them :)

another issue on the news constantly these days: abortion. i am pro-choice, because i believe pro-choice can the same outcomes that pro-lifers advocate. most women don't prefer abortion. anyone who thinks abortions are pleasant is CRAZY. abortions are a last resort. the argument that pro-choice will lead to irresponsible behavior is SWISS CHEESE. don't ever say that to a woman unless you want heel marks all over your face. all jokes aside, to make that argument valid is more of a commentary on poor education. if a woman thinks she can have all the unprotected sex because she can just abort any accidents afterwards, it's because someone's been brainwashing her and feeding her bad information. i really think pro-life would be the wrong policy move in this instance. but what do i know? i don't even have an organized argument.

so there, my first real post. more to follow.


Anonymous jer said...

and now i'm your first commenter.. muahaha! .. everyone is doing secret santa these days :P

12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I'm your first real response. Dope!

9:40 AM  

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