too real

i came across this game more than a year ago. looks like the folks at meebo discovered it recently, or decided to let the cat out. warning: may cause extreme sleep deprevation, decreased work productivity, and dry eyes.

so the MTA is finally going on strike. ny1's website's been getting so much traffic they reverted to low html version. looks like somebody needs a better server. so does the MTA site.

i have to say, finding out information four days in advance of the press is pretty strange. thursday i sent out a mass email warning the possibility of MetroNorth and lirr possibly joining their sister MTA in the strike as a show of good faith and solidarity - i saw it on the news this morning. when i didn't hear it in the news thursday night i thought maybe the executives were just having some fun.

it also makes me wonder if i'm allowed to be sharing this information with my friends and family (probably not, so HUSH). as i'm writing this post, i hear the director recounting his experience walking to work during the last strike. others are talking about biking to work.

here's to trying to get on the LIRR tomorrow.


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