transamerica, story of the weeping camel, and blue

transamerica: it's good to see upbeat films in the lgbt genre. althought it was disorienting at first to hear huffman's voice change and her extremely feminine acting (as opposed to her usual masculine demeanor on 'desperate housewives'), 15 minutes into the movie all was forgotten. the film was also educational, raising awareness regarding the process of undergoing a sex change operation and the levels of veganism that exist. there was full frontal nudity - one pre-op (with prosthetic) and another post-op, and it made me wonder if there was only one penis prototype distributed. i couldn't figure out the time period for the story - huffman's wardrobe seemed to be a couple of decades behind everyone else's. apart from the question marks i had, i still found it enjoyable. 3/4 monkeys.

story of the weeping camel: documentary about a mongolian shepherd famiy's attempt to reconcile a camel with its albini calf after a difficult birth. the film had the credibility of a pbs program, without the english narrative voiceover. it provided a peak into the mongolian camel herders' culture - family values, traditions, and rituals. it was heartbreaking at times to see the mother withhold milk from its calf, and the herders conjuring ideas to keep the mother in place so the calf can suckle. in the end, it was the music of the traditional mongolian violin and the voice of the herder that convinced the mother to accept her responsibility to her offspring. the pace was slow, as all documentaries, and the cinematography was beautiful. 3.25/4 monkeys.

blue: first in the color series by the late krzysztof kieslowski. a newly widowed woman, in her grief, abandons the life she has and moves from the countryside to the city. there she is haunted by the memory of her deceased family and the sounds of her husband's unfinished symphony. the color blue is present in most of the film for effect, and binoche's pixie appearanc is ever so endearing. through a series of events she gradually recovers from her grief and aids an old colleague in completing her husband's symphony. 3/4 monkeys.


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