where are all the cyclists?

did the folks who bike monthly at critical mass somehow decided to hoof it instead to work? as far as i know, biking was encouraged. on the walk from penn station to grand central, i saw lots of cabs and pedestrians. Madison Avenue is eerily empty without the buses. yet, as much of an inconvenience it's been (I'm toting my luggage 20+ blocks today), i'd still like to see the workers get the respect they deserve:

"The working conditions are more physically onerous, the treatment by managers more disrespectful, and the abuse from the public more hurtful, than any other group of public workers in the city experiences," Dr. Swerdlow said.
"Transit workers, because of the schedules they work and the conditions they work in, are often in industrial environments that most New Yorkers have left behind a long time ago," said Dr. Snyder, an associate professor of journalism and media studies at Rutgers University in Newark. "The idea that a motorman has to scramble to find a place to urinate on a busy day is not something most of us face on the job."


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