google doh?

wow. and here's the strange nytimes article that's dated tomorrow about it. hope it continues to not be evil.

randomness, and ugly duckling presse

  1. you know you've reached a whole new level of friendship when you let him/her curse you out.
  2. just found last.fm, a social network radio - sign up, music lover, you know you want to.
  3. bloomberg and top three google executives has $1 salaries. har har.
  4. bleef - it's what's for supper.
  5. i'm thinking of going to cut&paste this saturday at the supper club.
  6. i got a red envelope from a coworker today. he's jewish.
i volunteered at ugly duckling presse once - i meant to go more often, but the fresh meadows <-> red hook commute was just too much without a car. i checked the website, and ho! i found something i made that one time i was there! using letter stamps, i hand stamped at least 50 chapbook covers for 'sun on a knee'. that day, i painted a wall orange, saw a sunset from rooftop of the printing press, many dusty furniture parts, an old piano, some old creaky armiores, many letterpress plates, and a neighborhood bakery.


polysexual clique at the alma mater

biggest wtf of the day - the cover story of new york magazine is 'love and the ambisexual, heteroflexible teen'. the spotlight? 'the cuddle puddle of stuyvesant high school'. right this moment, the edition is not on the web yet. here's an excerpt:

Alair is headed for the section of the second-floor hallway where her friends gather every day during their free tenth period for the "cuddle puddle", as she calls it. There are girls petting girls and girls petting guys and guys petting guys. She dives into the undulating heap of backpacks and blue jeans and emerges between her two best friends... They are all 16, juniors at Stuyvesant...
All three have hooked up with each other. All three have hooked up with boys - sometimes the same boys. But it's not that they're gay or bixesul, not exactly. Not always.

here's a kicker (the terms were already in existence):

Along with gay, straight, and bisexual, they'll drop in new words, some of which they've coined themselves: polysexual, ambisexual, pansexual, polyfide, bi-curious, bi-queer, fluid, metroflexible, heteroflexible, heterosexual with lesbian tendencies...

this part was pretty neat (more parents should be like this):

"My mom's like, 'Alair, I don't understand you. I want to be a parent to you but I have no control at all... As a person you're awesome. You're hilarious, you entertain me, you're so cool. I would totally be your friend. But as your mother, I'm worried.'"

so i guess from this moment on, when i mention having attended stuyvesant, people will think: nerdy and sexually confused.

*update* i scooped gothamist! :) and nymag.com finally updated their site.


my how you've grown

i wish i took a picture when it was just a giant dirt hole in the ground. this is where Queens County Savings Bank (39th street and main street) use to be. i thought it'd be taller than this cos i thought there were going to be residential units as well, but it looks like that's all it's gonna be. first of the photos in my 'partially dressed bldg' series (rated pg-13).

weekend recap



my misguided and delusional plan to visit every major urban area in the new world. who's with me?

oh and how flat panel displays are made, via made.


where is my love story? it's good that happy beginnings are occurring - may they lead to more happy beginnings.

i'm trying to remember my childhood crushes. i think the first one, i ate. skittles. and i recall having a moment through a glass with a baby gorilla in the taipei zoo when i was little. i still remember THE MOMENT vividly. call it the monkey connection. the third crush i had, was with a pair of red lacey panties i saw in the night market. mama szu bought it for me cos she saw it in my eyes that i fancied it. i wore it, ran around the apartment with it, peeked through the bottom of doors with it. i think i was 3, or 4.

but the first boy i was attracted to was probably in first grade. he was quiet, nice to look at, mild mannered, and his cheeks were always pink. but that being my first experience in coed schooling (i barely showed up in the three years of kindergarten - never managed to get out of bed on time), boys were icky. we sat next to each other at wooden bench tables meant for two, and drew a line of chalk down the middle. i remember blushing when borrowing his eraser, or writing board, or pencil. maybe he blushed too. all the other boys i used to beat up, and i think they rather enjoyed the attention.

the first boy that crushed on me was a brainy fellow :) actually, i can't verify if he crushed on me, but that's what everyone else told me. we met in a special class set for students who excelled in putting puzzles and shapes together (some mensa shit for elementary kids), and bonded over films about cobras and science projects. he looked charlie brown with marcie's glasses. i think he had to pin a carnation on my shirt once for some ceremony thing, and i might've avoided his eyes.

then i moved to the states. i didn't understand a word of english so people would tell me that all these guys had crushes on me (liars!). then i got into junior high school. very ugly time. think girl pigpen with glasses. high school was alright, cleaned up a bit. college was alright, cleaned up some more. graduated, got ugly again. cleaning up again now. there were a few boys mixed in there somewhere.

memories are funny. i think i'm making some of them up. kind of like what james frey did.

happy chinese new year! it's the year of the bow wow woooomp!

talk about advertising

what's up with this! both curbed and gothamist advertising a condo sale? pays to have blogger friends.

from Cape Town, South Africa

robin rhode is pretty amazing. i saw his work as part of a group show at MOMA a couple of months back, but he's been making pretty things happen since before 2000. let's see, what was i doing in 2000? probably taking some final in business law. plus, he's not on wikipedia!

Robin Rhode
Stills from Skateboard, a Public Art Collaboration Between Robin Rhode and The Walker Art Center Teen Art Council
Photos: Cameron Wittig

Robin Rhode
Artist Statement

My focus is to try and reoccupy spaces with a presence previously excluded... A value system is confronted by performance as monologue... I use humour and play to destabilise and admit the unseemly, expressing the desire to analyse, change, fictionalise and create alternative solutions for situations that are totally dominated by politics and market strategies.

My practice examines the notion of the everyday becoming a tool for unfolding a resistance - without being necessarily and explicitly oppositional, but rather playful, seductive and fantastical... My art functions as a subtle suggestion that the subverse potential of art is as fragile, as ephemeral, as the lines of a chalk drawing.


i love manholes

oooo more manhole goodness here! also includes buildings in various stages of undress! rawr~ and these are all nyc-ers!


sick day

i think i'm more or less recovered. spent the day finishing firefly and... nerdy stuff.

news about my husband, the MTA. come on man, you can do better than that! you stiff player.

found some interesting blogs today related to architecture: inhabitat, interactive architecture dot org.

pretty man holes. i like squids, and all things edible.


3 from nyt and the other from 3qd

Google will never it give it up – it’s against their nature – and they’ve got the lawyers to protect it… right? The rest of New York State already considers New York City a separate entity. Soon, it’ll be the Manhattan Republic. "Women throw oranges at men, and if they were interested, they would make a move.”

Do I know this woman? I remember vaguely hearing about a woman in Taiwan who likes to make public appearances wearing next to nothing. When she was arrested, she showed up in court wearing multiple layers of white lace (to remain decent). But wow, over 100 men before turning 27 – I guess that’s not hard, a new man every month? Here’s her blog.


stefanie sun i love you

i'm sick sick sick sick sick (you girls might be interested in this) sick (i thought this was cool) sick (pretty cool too) sick (yeah these are all pretty cool). oh one more sick before i sick myself to bed.

too late to still be up

bounce the cats! bounce the cats! (thanks to cat for the link)

hello international visitors from
Caracas, Distrito Federal and Wavre, Brabant Wallon! *wave*


Contemporary Dance Showcase @ The Japan Society

I went to see the Contemporary Dance Showcase from Taiwan last night, and I have to say it was really visually stunning. As with any contemporary art medium, sometimes the presentation and narrative takes itself so seriously that it borders on humorous, but in this case it was intentional.

The first piece was an attempt to modernize traditional Chinese opera - dancers used props found in traditional opera, were made up with the pale face and pink eyeshadow, and the dance incorporated jerking movements in a routine that channel military discipline. The sound accompaniment had electronic elements, which I had mixed feelings about.

The second piece was a commentary on the monotony of urban life and its routines. It started and ended with a tea social in which individuals exchanged pleasantries and exaggerated reactions, and it's repeated for emphasis. There was an interlude of two dancers dressed in white paper/bag? which I didn't understand (perhaps it was a dialogue of the angels we have in our heads, or dust bunnies floating about, who knows), and another a testimony of the choreographer's growth in ballet and modern dance.

The highlight was the last showcase from the Taipei Dance Circle fromthe Baby Oil Series. The costume for the dancers is form fitting and minimal, as part of its effort to celebrate the human form in thecontext of nature. It was really fun to watch the dancers prepare for the piece, watching them slide around on stage on their bellies and buttocks to get every part of their body coated with baby oil.

From their website:

  • "Slick moves in this tide -- bathed in baby oil, the glistening dancers engaged the audience with a flow of shapes and images, which evoked ocean life and rhythm." - Deng Fuquan, Singapore Straits Times.
  • "The mysterious, repetitive, frictionless ambience is .....enthralling." - Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

All in all, I recommend it. If you are able to catch the show tonight at the Japan Society, try :) It's free, but RSVP required.



new links on the left sidebar related to NY and LA (yea i know i don't live there, but it's just a flat NY) , other useful links i visit often underneath, new friends added, and flickr badge now show pictures tagged with nyc (cos mine are boooooring).

on a more personal note, leigo resigned at work to dedicate her endeavors towards an entrepreneurial effort - i know she's been struggling for years about this decision, but knowing her, she will persevere.


saturday linkage explosage

lifehacker is too cool to not mention, ted and whonu look promising as timesavers (i have yet to tickle them), found this bitchin'ly beautiful personal budget spreadsheet at i will teach you to be rich, the origins of wintereenmas (whence tragically l337 g8m3rs do not emerge for months, or perhaps until the next wintereenmas), a warning against me blogging at work, but i can probably justify exercising my brain, what a person with cochlear impant hears, and the battle of digg vs /., and if you're feeling politically incorrect - bash on.

i'm in love


here we go again :)

N.Y. Transit Workers Reject New Contract

hardly working

look what i found! it's old, but news to me, the cycloptic cat. women are more empathetic than men, but isn't that already common knowledge? what about gays, lesbians, and other gender-undefined? after you think about that for 5 or 10 seconds, maybe you'll be ready to move on to balloon headed boy and ayumi. and if you're still bored, look at the mating rituals of beez, and make your own while you're at it.

so i've been considering relocation to the west coast for quite some time now. i've gotten used to the idea of living in San Francisco by now (only took about 8 years), and i am giving Los Angeles a second chance. all day i was looking at LA related sites, gallery hopping via the web, getting acquainted to the neighborhoods, and thinking about renting or purchasing shelter. looking back at my recent trip, i realized i'm a culture-whore. borderline pretentious. NYC has spoiled me with its abundance of convenience and art events. this seems like a good starting place to figure out which part of LA might click with me. until then.


LA 1/13-1/16 2006

13 – JetBlue JFK to LGB, traffic towards JFK, traffic towards LGB. finished 'Invisible Cities' by Calvino on the flight and started 'Lamb' by Moore (both excellent). J arrive with Diddy Riese cookies and a full case of Vitamin Water, and we roll towards Pasadena. For dinner, went to Crazy Fish
- huge rolls, pretty amazing.

14 – Next day, started the day off with Noah’s New York Bagel and Peet’s Coffee & Tea near J's. Drove to Culver City (which reminds me of Long Island City, but some will disagree) to scope out sixspace's There Goes the Neighborhood' exhibit.

(underneath D'nell Larson's Under the Rainbow, 2005, glitter on monofilament installation)

There were other galleries and kick ass architecture in the area, but we were on the freeway by the time we realized that :D Afterwards, went to the ArcLight (movies with ushers!) to get tickets for Matador, killed some time going through the massive selection of music and DVDs at Amoeba Music, and stumbled upon other must-sees of Hollywood. Cheering after Matador, off we went to Westwood, Pacific Park, and UCLA area.

(Pacific Park)

Dinner at C & O Trattoria was delicious, must go back for more garlic bread and Chianti!

(oh sensuous garlic bread)

15 MOCA Sunday! The Grand Avenue location had an Exhibit on American Comic Artists (sadly, part two was at UCLA Hammer). Select works from Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, R. Crumb, Gary Panter, Chris Ware, and Art Spiegelman were on display, and After Cézanne was pretty good as well.

(in the Sculpture Garden, by Nancy Rubins, constructed from airplane parts, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum)

Other pretty buildings were nearby, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall and REDCAT Theatre. After the MOCA we swung by USC so I can check out the 'hood, and off to Versaille we go! The garlic chicken was to die for, and the cuban roast pork was pretty good too. OH OH, and there's garlic bread here too hehe. A group of LA hipsters came in - the LA hipster is typically younger and cleaner than the NY hipster :)

16 – Goodbye Long Beach, hello NYC! Thanks J, for putting me up, driving me around, and just being the best host ever.

Next time I visit LA, I want to see this and this.

come away with me


me, myself, and my life

in college, i deeply believed that in order for work to be worthwhile, it has to be challenging. i mistook challenging for stressful and busy (and it’s one of the myths they try to feed you in business school), and so i kept looking for opportunities to stress myself out – i changed career paths frequently (commodities, web design, derivatives, health administration, real estate), each time learning everything from scratch (hence the stress). it took me awhile to realize how expensive it is to change career by choice – i would stay at entry-level salary, while those who had the discipline to stay in one field had the opportunity to demand higher pay with each annual review because they were able to hone the skills that are valuable to their field of choice.

i am the youngest policy-making/non-secretarial staff in my department. now that almost fools me into thinking i'm entitled to feeling a bit smug. truth is, i got lucky, the timing was right. another truth is, most young professionals with the same credentials as me, are in the private sector making loads more money, and/or just don't have the patience to deal with the politics and bureaucracy.

sometimes i get frustrated – too boring, too detail-oriented, too slow, too geriatric, too many steps to do a seemingly simple task. despite all that, it’s a really good job – easygoing, good benefits, good hours (less than 40 hours a week! unheard of in new york!), scrupulous peers. and when i am in the office, i probably work less than 50% of the time.

and that scares me. what if i get used to this easygoing pace and can never suck it up like the soldier i was during college again? i never want to work so stupid as i did in college, but i still have aspirations of running my own company one day (or some other form of money that makes itself) – and entrepreneurs do not sleep very much at all. on top of that, i want to be a mother, and entrepreneurs aren’t available very often either.

i need things to fall into place here :)

dear blog, how i've missed you

may i just say, it's nice to have a secretary :) really. they don't get enough credit.

if by now you havent seen scarlett happily violated, i don't know where you've been. they seem to be growing everytime i see them, or perhaps her cycle is in her favor. her reaction is charming, to say the least.

two new york politicians are laying the brickwork for 2008 presidential campaigns. it certainly would be interesting to see how it plays out - hilary has a more prolific writing career than george, both attended law school, both can inspire feelings of hate and respect at the same time. folks tend to think of pataki as a crook, and clinton as a subtle power grubber. but if they both make the ballot, i will vote clinton, just because she is prettier :p (tidbit on clinton via imdb.com: Kept her maiden name until 1982, when she changed it to help her husband get elected governor of Arkansas.)

in other news, more reasons to walk new york rather than cab new york, especially to your favorite h&m. now if they'd only write a similar article for daffy's. my personal favorite daffys are the 18th street & 5th avenue, and 57th street & lexington avenue. don't waste your time with ones in herald square, soho, or grand central.

LA recap to follow soon.


thursday top 10

1. january blues - what is going on? people are depressed and/or sick everywhere. good thing there's this to cheer me up. (Jacob Magraw, Snow on Top, 2005, Gouche on paper, 10 x 12 in)

2. 'spring 2008' is one of my favorite tracks on 'fingers crossed' by architecture in helsinki.

3. i'm headed to LA this weekend. and curbed comes through by leading me to a video about the brewery. i heart curbed.

4. every wish you knew construction lingo? i do :p

5. look! carrot with legs! (via lowermanhattan.info)

6. i want to walk where he walks.

7. these boys take me to where i've never been before. and thanks to gothamist, they will exceed their bandwidth.

8. Q: Will I be paid promptly for my work? A: Yes. The MTA adheres to strict New York State regulations requiring that, generally, vendors be paid within 30 days for services or goods. We know how vital it is to be able to predict cash flow, and we want to make doing business with us as productive as possible. puahahahaha. after 10 signatures!

9. asia's at it again: the new green pigs look more yellow than green in the light. they're only missing blue to make primary color piglets. aww!

10. enjoy your weekend!


nim jim sweei~ (taiwanese)

thanks, june, for the link :)

on the way home

overheard (in reference to career choices):

if you have a fallback plan, chances are you will fall back. if you don't have one, you have no choice but to succeed.

i can't decide if that's genius or stupidity.


crush of last week

You are proficient at making company time your time, meaning you never get caught doing personal, nonwork-related work while you are on the clock.

honestly, it's pretty obvious when i bust out the chinese and talk about mortgage interest rates, don't you think?

not another one!

aaah why are the guys i'm crushing on always such disappointments! ok ok, that's a sweeping generalization, i retract that partially.


baku, guilin, and portrait icon

ah so good to have friends that travel. the imperious steve is trampling azerbaijan, somehow communicating without a translator. now that's guts. and someone who's been in baku has been commenting on his site! it's pretty neat, two folks writing about armenia. honestly though, if it weren't for NBAT i wouldn't even pay attention to this region of the world.

josh went to china this december :) his photos are pretty nice.

and if you want a portrait icon like mine, you can go here. i had trouble loading it on firefox, but it works just fine in IE. i don't have the other browsers installed so i can't tell you more. have fun!



i just realized i had to approve the comments. sorry guys! :'D

and did you notice the new javascript box on the sidebar?? :DD go register already!
**EDIT** it didn't work so well so i just replaced it with a WhereIs link. still fun, click click.

Plazes is a grassroot approach to location-aware interaction, using the local network you are connected to as location reference. Plazes allows you to share your location with the people you know and to discover people and plazes around you. It's the navigation system for your social life and it's absolutely free.

in other news, i've become utterly addicted to 'lost'. first i had a crush on kate, which lasted 4 episodes, then i crushed on sayid, which lasted 3 episodes, then sawyer started looking better and better, and now the way hurly says 'dude' makes me melt a little. let's see where this show takes my crushky!


i like you because i don't know you yet

my crush of the day lasted about 3 hours. a picture of computers in the bathroom is what got to me. that's right, gentlemen, the way to this girl's heart is to build me a computer. or a lego sculpture. or buy me a monkey.


more time fillers

i am a loser. i just found gapingvoid. it's only been online since 2004? go look, it's cool. if only i can come up with an -ism daily. but that would make me a copycatter. perhaps i can dig around in my dusty mind room and find something to enlarge, ya.

and if you haven't seen these yet, you're a loser too. kidding. play both at the same time, it's more interesting :)


a belated 2005 thanks

i love my friends. i probably only tell them that once a year, if even that often. let me start chronologically:

cc1 - i met her in junior high, in my utmost geekdom. her bubby and accepting persona was the catalyst to the beginning of a 10+ year long friendship. her sense of adventure, perseverance, and discipline continues to amaze and inspire me. she was trained classically as a pianist, violinist, and violist, but had to put it on the backburner to make more time for her studies during her undergrad. earlier this year, she successfully backpacked through asia solo for 3 months, before coming back to the states to pursue her MBA. she's looking for a marketing position, so if anyone has leads, send them my way, and i'll pass them along :)

hc - quite possibly the only other person that remembers my geekdom. she actually believes i'm 'deep'. this girl is a nurturing firecracker! on her way to become a hospital administrator ;)

sl - i don't remember how we met, just that we went to the same high school. took some time to know this girl, but completely worth while. like the sister i never had <3

kl - another fellow stuyster, we shared a crush, shared cancun, shared way too much to be revealed! (kidding! or am i?) she's actualizing her dream job as an arts administrator at harvard w00t.

dh - first dude to make this list. we don't talk ever, but i have lots of fond memories of him. graphic designer and co-founder of freshnessmag.com before it was cool to like retro kicks, he's making trouble somewhere in asia. a girl's confidant, he will make a woman very happy someday. i just hope she can do the same for him.

ml - my life, my blood, i would die for this girl. we spent alot of time together trying to establish a buddhist/asian community service club during college, and that was just the beginning. we held each other's hands through tough times, and danced away the good times. she showed me what it takes to truly love and care for someone, and that it's not that hard to maintain a positive outlook despite all the shit life can drop on one's life.

sc - we wouldn't have started the community service club without this girl. nothing stops this force of nature. lawyer-psychologist-heartbreaker-dancer, she's got alot going for her.

cc2 - one of the sweetest girls i know. i hardly see her even though we're in the same neighborhood, but she's got a little sister to look after, a long commute to her job in NJ, and a new religion to nurture. i miss her very much.

sr - quite possibly the only guy i allow to offend me these days. he likes to talk about betting alot. now he just needs to turn a profit :) he likes meat and blood too... yeah, no comment.

jc1 - this girl has the most amazing parallel parking skills ever. puts all the guys to shame! she's also an amazing cook, chemist, artist, and amateur violinist. someone convince her to get her ph.d already :p

ac - we talk about carnal sins, relationships, architecture, music, other people, metaphysics, and being gay. alot of the times we get together we're just talking to ourselves, but since we take turns, it sounds like we're conversing hehe. i see him less nowadays since he got a girlfriend and a monkey child, but that's ok, i still see him in my mind :)

jc2 - ninja turtle lover. you made my days alot lighter with your laughter. the second person i've ever met that's seen more movies than me. domo arigato.