a belated 2005 thanks

i love my friends. i probably only tell them that once a year, if even that often. let me start chronologically:

cc1 - i met her in junior high, in my utmost geekdom. her bubby and accepting persona was the catalyst to the beginning of a 10+ year long friendship. her sense of adventure, perseverance, and discipline continues to amaze and inspire me. she was trained classically as a pianist, violinist, and violist, but had to put it on the backburner to make more time for her studies during her undergrad. earlier this year, she successfully backpacked through asia solo for 3 months, before coming back to the states to pursue her MBA. she's looking for a marketing position, so if anyone has leads, send them my way, and i'll pass them along :)

hc - quite possibly the only other person that remembers my geekdom. she actually believes i'm 'deep'. this girl is a nurturing firecracker! on her way to become a hospital administrator ;)

sl - i don't remember how we met, just that we went to the same high school. took some time to know this girl, but completely worth while. like the sister i never had <3

kl - another fellow stuyster, we shared a crush, shared cancun, shared way too much to be revealed! (kidding! or am i?) she's actualizing her dream job as an arts administrator at harvard w00t.

dh - first dude to make this list. we don't talk ever, but i have lots of fond memories of him. graphic designer and co-founder of freshnessmag.com before it was cool to like retro kicks, he's making trouble somewhere in asia. a girl's confidant, he will make a woman very happy someday. i just hope she can do the same for him.

ml - my life, my blood, i would die for this girl. we spent alot of time together trying to establish a buddhist/asian community service club during college, and that was just the beginning. we held each other's hands through tough times, and danced away the good times. she showed me what it takes to truly love and care for someone, and that it's not that hard to maintain a positive outlook despite all the shit life can drop on one's life.

sc - we wouldn't have started the community service club without this girl. nothing stops this force of nature. lawyer-psychologist-heartbreaker-dancer, she's got alot going for her.

cc2 - one of the sweetest girls i know. i hardly see her even though we're in the same neighborhood, but she's got a little sister to look after, a long commute to her job in NJ, and a new religion to nurture. i miss her very much.

sr - quite possibly the only guy i allow to offend me these days. he likes to talk about betting alot. now he just needs to turn a profit :) he likes meat and blood too... yeah, no comment.

jc1 - this girl has the most amazing parallel parking skills ever. puts all the guys to shame! she's also an amazing cook, chemist, artist, and amateur violinist. someone convince her to get her ph.d already :p

ac - we talk about carnal sins, relationships, architecture, music, other people, metaphysics, and being gay. alot of the times we get together we're just talking to ourselves, but since we take turns, it sounds like we're conversing hehe. i see him less nowadays since he got a girlfriend and a monkey child, but that's ok, i still see him in my mind :)

jc2 - ninja turtle lover. you made my days alot lighter with your laughter. the second person i've ever met that's seen more movies than me. domo arigato.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My beloved Angela:
I have to say, I was lucky to have loved you and still do, always will...
You are a glorious mark in the history of making friends; because of your honesty, loyalty, integrity and love, I have become a better person.
I am thankful to have made impacts in your life and have bonded our spirits together; I take great honor in standing by your side.
We have walked hand-in-hand indeed; it has always been our times no matter what stands before us, and better times are yet to come.
You have my love and the oath of my life; I am the most blessed to have this chance of sharing this life time with you.

Happy 2006! See you soon.

Love, ML

7:32 PM  

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