dear blog, how i've missed you

may i just say, it's nice to have a secretary :) really. they don't get enough credit.

if by now you havent seen scarlett happily violated, i don't know where you've been. they seem to be growing everytime i see them, or perhaps her cycle is in her favor. her reaction is charming, to say the least.

two new york politicians are laying the brickwork for 2008 presidential campaigns. it certainly would be interesting to see how it plays out - hilary has a more prolific writing career than george, both attended law school, both can inspire feelings of hate and respect at the same time. folks tend to think of pataki as a crook, and clinton as a subtle power grubber. but if they both make the ballot, i will vote clinton, just because she is prettier :p (tidbit on clinton via imdb.com: Kept her maiden name until 1982, when she changed it to help her husband get elected governor of Arkansas.)

in other news, more reasons to walk new york rather than cab new york, especially to your favorite h&m. now if they'd only write a similar article for daffy's. my personal favorite daffys are the 18th street & 5th avenue, and 57th street & lexington avenue. don't waste your time with ones in herald square, soho, or grand central.

LA recap to follow soon.


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