i just realized i had to approve the comments. sorry guys! :'D

and did you notice the new javascript box on the sidebar?? :DD go register already!
**EDIT** it didn't work so well so i just replaced it with a WhereIs link. still fun, click click.

Plazes is a grassroot approach to location-aware interaction, using the local network you are connected to as location reference. Plazes allows you to share your location with the people you know and to discover people and plazes around you. It's the navigation system for your social life and it's absolutely free.

in other news, i've become utterly addicted to 'lost'. first i had a crush on kate, which lasted 4 episodes, then i crushed on sayid, which lasted 3 episodes, then sawyer started looking better and better, and now the way hurly says 'dude' makes me melt a little. let's see where this show takes my crushky!


Blogger aingeal is said...

hm, i'm unable to plaze from work. that's a shame.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous reiya said...

ooh, i love lost too, but i need to watch the episodes my brother d/l-ed for me... it's so confusing when i watch an episode every 5 weeks.

12:21 PM  

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