from Cape Town, South Africa

robin rhode is pretty amazing. i saw his work as part of a group show at MOMA a couple of months back, but he's been making pretty things happen since before 2000. let's see, what was i doing in 2000? probably taking some final in business law. plus, he's not on wikipedia!

Robin Rhode
Stills from Skateboard, a Public Art Collaboration Between Robin Rhode and The Walker Art Center Teen Art Council
Photos: Cameron Wittig

Robin Rhode
Artist Statement

My focus is to try and reoccupy spaces with a presence previously excluded... A value system is confronted by performance as monologue... I use humour and play to destabilise and admit the unseemly, expressing the desire to analyse, change, fictionalise and create alternative solutions for situations that are totally dominated by politics and market strategies.

My practice examines the notion of the everyday becoming a tool for unfolding a resistance - without being necessarily and explicitly oppositional, but rather playful, seductive and fantastical... My art functions as a subtle suggestion that the subverse potential of art is as fragile, as ephemeral, as the lines of a chalk drawing.


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