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look what i found! it's old, but news to me, the cycloptic cat. women are more empathetic than men, but isn't that already common knowledge? what about gays, lesbians, and other gender-undefined? after you think about that for 5 or 10 seconds, maybe you'll be ready to move on to balloon headed boy and ayumi. and if you're still bored, look at the mating rituals of beez, and make your own while you're at it.

so i've been considering relocation to the west coast for quite some time now. i've gotten used to the idea of living in San Francisco by now (only took about 8 years), and i am giving Los Angeles a second chance. all day i was looking at LA related sites, gallery hopping via the web, getting acquainted to the neighborhoods, and thinking about renting or purchasing shelter. looking back at my recent trip, i realized i'm a culture-whore. borderline pretentious. NYC has spoiled me with its abundance of convenience and art events. this seems like a good starting place to figure out which part of LA might click with me. until then.


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you're going to have to learn to drive

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