polysexual clique at the alma mater

biggest wtf of the day - the cover story of new york magazine is 'love and the ambisexual, heteroflexible teen'. the spotlight? 'the cuddle puddle of stuyvesant high school'. right this moment, the edition is not on the web yet. here's an excerpt:

Alair is headed for the section of the second-floor hallway where her friends gather every day during their free tenth period for the "cuddle puddle", as she calls it. There are girls petting girls and girls petting guys and guys petting guys. She dives into the undulating heap of backpacks and blue jeans and emerges between her two best friends... They are all 16, juniors at Stuyvesant...
All three have hooked up with each other. All three have hooked up with boys - sometimes the same boys. But it's not that they're gay or bixesul, not exactly. Not always.

here's a kicker (the terms were already in existence):

Along with gay, straight, and bisexual, they'll drop in new words, some of which they've coined themselves: polysexual, ambisexual, pansexual, polyfide, bi-curious, bi-queer, fluid, metroflexible, heteroflexible, heterosexual with lesbian tendencies...

this part was pretty neat (more parents should be like this):

"My mom's like, 'Alair, I don't understand you. I want to be a parent to you but I have no control at all... As a person you're awesome. You're hilarious, you entertain me, you're so cool. I would totally be your friend. But as your mother, I'm worried.'"

so i guess from this moment on, when i mention having attended stuyvesant, people will think: nerdy and sexually confused.

*update* i scooped gothamist! :) and nymag.com finally updated their site.


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