randomness, and ugly duckling presse

  1. you know you've reached a whole new level of friendship when you let him/her curse you out.
  2. just found last.fm, a social network radio - sign up, music lover, you know you want to.
  3. bloomberg and top three google executives has $1 salaries. har har.
  4. bleef - it's what's for supper.
  5. i'm thinking of going to cut&paste this saturday at the supper club.
  6. i got a red envelope from a coworker today. he's jewish.
i volunteered at ugly duckling presse once - i meant to go more often, but the fresh meadows <-> red hook commute was just too much without a car. i checked the website, and ho! i found something i made that one time i was there! using letter stamps, i hand stamped at least 50 chapbook covers for 'sun on a knee'. that day, i painted a wall orange, saw a sunset from rooftop of the printing press, many dusty furniture parts, an old piano, some old creaky armiores, many letterpress plates, and a neighborhood bakery.


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