thursday top 10

1. january blues - what is going on? people are depressed and/or sick everywhere. good thing there's this to cheer me up. (Jacob Magraw, Snow on Top, 2005, Gouche on paper, 10 x 12 in)

2. 'spring 2008' is one of my favorite tracks on 'fingers crossed' by architecture in helsinki.

3. i'm headed to LA this weekend. and curbed comes through by leading me to a video about the brewery. i heart curbed.

4. every wish you knew construction lingo? i do :p

5. look! carrot with legs! (via lowermanhattan.info)

6. i want to walk where he walks.

7. these boys take me to where i've never been before. and thanks to gothamist, they will exceed their bandwidth.

8. Q: Will I be paid promptly for my work? A: Yes. The MTA adheres to strict New York State regulations requiring that, generally, vendors be paid within 30 days for services or goods. We know how vital it is to be able to predict cash flow, and we want to make doing business with us as productive as possible. puahahahaha. after 10 signatures!

9. asia's at it again: the new green pigs look more yellow than green in the light. they're only missing blue to make primary color piglets. aww!

10. enjoy your weekend!


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LA? Why LA?

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