100th post - thinking about RFPs

today Bloomtaki announced the issuance of Request For Proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment of Governor's Island. architect Santiago Calatrava was present to describe his aerial gondola concept connecting Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, and Governor's Island.

This is an opportunity to make something extremely practical and logical, which at the same time tries to inspire the imagination in a way that can happen only here, in New York Harbor,” said Santiago Calatrava. β€œOn a practical level, the design creates a new direct link to Governors Island for both tourists and Island workers from both Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. The system is very light, using only three supports, none of which stands in the water, so the shipping channels are left completely open. On the level of the imagination, the gondola cars will be round, so they are shaped a little like apples – and because they are transparent, they will offer a wonderful 360-degree view of the harbor.

wow. only three supports. there's also an exhibit of his works at the met until march 5th.


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