Blessed are the Merciful @ Feigen Contemporary 2/10 - 4/29

a friend told me there was an opening at feigen contemporary tonight, and off i went. the first piece that attracted my attenion was this swirling funnel of unidentified fluid. the word is that it's diesel fuel, but i thought diesel usually has some color in it? there's also a well-hidden turbine somewhere in this sculpture.

Petroc Sesti, Event Horizon, 2005, black plinthe, turbine, glass, fluid

the next thing that caught my attention was this lightbox - it's as if the adult featured in the photograph is trying to recall a moment in her childhood (looks like a woman's hands to me) when magic still existed, and dreams were still illuminated.

Daniele Buetti, Blue Hands, 2005, perforated digital c-print on aluminum lightbox

then there was this plastic carton pyramid. plastic containers of various sizes were sliced open and carefully stitched together to create a canvas for the projected video. the video was a cross-section of the facade of a building, and the viewer can see people milling around inside the windows.

Samuel Rousseau, Plastikcity, 2005, video projection on plastic assemblage

the walls of this box was lined with mirrors with sufficient edge to create non-lines which were perpetuated through the endless reflections. the result? channeling kubrick's 2001: a space odyssey.

this pencil drawing illustrates the end of the world, possibly as the mayans foresaw it.

Matt Marello, Apocalypse Now (detail), 2006, pencil on watercolor paper

the blue hands haunt me still.


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