moving day

this is illegal? sure is. should it be? depends on who's paying your bills . i think it's a fine environmental sculpture. verizon, might like it for the publicity, might not like it for the copyright infringement. and the city, might not like it because it missed out on the revenue.

this is the result of the collaboration between downey and darius jones, self-named environmental artists (a/k/a graffiti artists). the hood is their canvas, and their works don't dare to outshine the canvas. they're part of a group exhibit at the riviera called thoroughfare, march 2 - march 19. drop by if you're in willyburg. also part of the show, alex poneros, satirical pork advocate, and alex holden, who renamed his tears as salty weepings.

i also found an image of this irresistibly cute bumblebee finding other cute friends in the sky (by vinnie ray):


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