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i just customized my google home page, and realized i will not use it. i still like visiting the sites and seeing the graphics accomodate the updates. just another reason why i stopped using rss-aggregator services. call me old fashioned, but old habits die hard.

i'm still chipping away at christopher moore's 'lamb'. joshua (to be known as jesus) is now learning about buddhism and have achieved enlightenment in an uncommonly short amount of time.

this weekend i meant to take pictures of the pillow fight at union square, but thankfully, there are plenty of folks who actually did. good, cos i was home (again) with a nagging sore throat. instead i watched king kong (laborious), got up to speed on battlestar galactica, and broken flowers (also laborious, but at least it suits the genre, and it makes me want to buy alot of pink flowers).

i also meant to catch 'isolation' at the walter reade theatre, but alas, real life responsibilities. at the final walkthrough at the new home, and i find myself reluctant to move in. i kept finding flaws in the house - peeling paint, superfluous beams, rust, cracks in the tiles - blame it on the tendency to have unrealistic expectations. truth be told, i've lived in my current home for over 16 years, and even though the new hood is just a town over, it feels like a complete uproot. new neighbors, park, shopping options, bus line. logistically, i have to figure out how to rearrange all my furniture, and i don't like it :p tomorrow's the closing.


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