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want to meet someone in public? try NYC Dept of Planning's Privately Owned Public Space site to find a location in your district. but of course, any public place with seating tend to be crowded, so you might have to migrate to a local cafe.

i am going to be on a really tight budget soon, so i'm looking for good and cheap eats. i think i'll start with grilled cheese sandwiches. (via gothamist)

a month after i graduated, i interviewed with Transportation Alternatives. i didn't get the position because i was too yuppie (right our of business undergrad, looking for a way to pay off student loans, what did you expect?), and because i refused to ride a bicycle to work (just kidding). at the time, TA was still just a periodical with a limited readership. from the looks of their site they've been doing well! i'm glad to see this green cause solidify in this urban jungle.


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