damnit, don't break up in front of my house

i've moved in! halfway. my computer and tv are still at the old place, so that means i'm not loitering online when i get home. to cure the boredom and the quiet, i've started reading fluke by christopher moore. (werd, i didn't know he wrote the stupidest angel.)

first thing any neighbor said to us was 'don't drive over my (garbage can) lid.'

first thing i witnessed this morning was a couple breaking up in front of my house. well, i don't know if that's what they were doing, but the girl was crying, and the boy was trying to stop her from crying. it was just a tad awkward trying to lock my door, tune them out, and then tiptoe past them (they were about 5 feet away from me).

so i'll be disappearing for a few days. in the mean time, check out TEA MARIE and all its novelty tea-related products. until march 17, use this promotional discount code that gives you 10% off all purchases - FNFLCH10. happy shopping!


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