wtf: meebo's blocked at work!! Reason: Found in Denied List (Anonymous Proxies).

found: gothamist's puny
mta coverage.

in other news: have you had your
bian today?

me: nvm that looks gross
him: ya seriously, i already have plenty of virility
me: do you know what bian is
him: do i want to???
me: oh it's just chinese for penis
me: its the formal name
him: bok bain :/
him: sick!

me: it's pretty (un)usual to eat that much bian at a time
him: i wouldn't know :/
him: : P you the expert?
me: i've never had bian
me: i think ppl i know are too young to need to eat bian
me: or too shy to admit it
him: do they have it in the US?
me: texas
me: bull schlong
me: thought it was a delicacy
me: its not just a chinese thing…
me: it was on road rules?
him: ohh rilly?
me: the ppl had to make bull penis smoothies
me: i really dont know how that works, but it looked really gross
him: smoothies are good! hmm, i'll think about it


Blogger Anna May Won't said...

dude, that's pretty gross. and i thought fish sperm sacs were bad.

1:56 PM  

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