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there was property shark, then zillow, now RealEstateABC. the latest has a map and a neighborhood comparison on the same page. now that's making use of interface real estate.

the dubai tower. click for the awesome flash rendering, at least.

a friend recently told me that hong kong's public transportation system makes good use of advertising real estate. i commented that the MTA is moving towards that direction - if you pass through the major hub stations (times square, union square) you'll notice that the walls are now plastered with hsbc ads - even the columns are wrapped in them. in grand central, i thought it was unusual that no billboard space was constructed for the ads, and the ads were stuck directly on the walls. at times square and grand central, exclusive advertising campaigns involving light boxes with johnny walker ads dominate the passageway to and from the shuttle train. back during the holidays, the shuttle train was completely painted from the inside to resemble a broadway theatre audience. very soon the insides of the trains will be covered in ads in the non-conventional ad spaces (poles, seatings, car ceilings). when the technology becomes affordable, advertising real estate will expand to air space, where holographic images (a la star wars and A.I.) will interact with passerbys.

and speaking of MTA, i have no idea what's going on with the binding arbitration dance and the TWU. all this political stonewalling just makes me think that each side is looking for leverage. i've been reading the press clips, and i'm as confused as everyone else.

i attended a seminar today at NYU's Real Estate Institute - Commercial Space Definitions. i didn't expect the majority of the seminar to be about utilities - gas, heating, electricity, roofing, water, vapor barriers and computer rooms - but it was still enjoyable. i sat through anecdotes about how the professor convinced the owner to sell his building at a higher price than asking by giving him a private loan, raised the downpayment by asking the existing tenant to advance rent, and still own the building to date mortgage free. he's a razzle dazzler, speaking at the speed of a ww2 radio newscaster, and equiped with disarming blue eyes. 'these stories are dime a dozen,' he said, 'my real source of pride is the computer room that didn't turn off once in 36 years.'

there's a building being built on the corner of 42nd and 6th. i stood across it today, and just watched the contractors do their thing.


Blogger Leigo said...

hey, i was thinking to take some clases at the nyu real estate institute as well... maybe will start off with the realtor license one.

11:04 AM  
Blogger aingeal is said...

if you don't mind taking it at a lesser known school, a lot of institutions offer 1-week programs to get licensed and is up to $200 cheaper. cos a license, is a license, is a license.

11:08 AM  

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