recent musings

  1. Arrrrgggg!! Free Starbucks today and I bought some just 30 minutes before! From 10a-12p only.
  2. I forgot it was Pi Day yesterday. Didn’t have any pie, but did take mom out to dinner at Roy’s with the spiffy $50 certificate I got from American Express. On the way to the restaurant I saw: Japanese percussion group (drums, banging, and some dude tap dancing on a piece of wood) and a collaborating passerby (dreadlocks attached) drumming the public garbage can with his long umbrella, a street prayer group in the Times Square passageway to 8th Avenue, FDNYs helping a sick citizen up from the floor, and a mess of construction (I saw underground wiring, wee~) across from the WTC site.
  3. I still haven’t figured out how to access meebo from a web-proxy surfing thingie. I’m guessing it’s a Java-Script conflict. Any ideas?
  4. Not having InterNews at home sucks (see #1). Not having Internet sucks too.
  5. I now have to do my own laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and bookshelf staining, like a regular adult. It doesn’t feel as different as I thought it would. A week living “by myself” and already I’m intolerant of roommates that refuse to give you your privacy.
  6. Ta! Hope to be back (more or less daily) soon.


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