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Q: How do you know it's true love?

A: There's no drama.
(the hard way) you've already gone through all the difficult discussions about why your mate has annoying habits, and why the habits annoy you to begin with. you've negotiated and modified your behaviors to avoid the incidents that triggers said drama, and quite simply, you just know better. you've gotten used to living without the things you gave up for said true love. you've grown up. you no longer feel compelled to change the other person. both mates are reasonable and mature people that allow each other to have good and bad moments.
(the lucky way) you're made for each other!

A: You meet the family.
(kicking and dragging) 'i like you enough to check out who my potential in-laws are like'
(idealistic) 'i won't let my family hate you'

A: You're willing to do the things you hate.
(...) i think this is a recipe for how-to-build-resentment-towards-your-mate-slowly-but-surely, unless you're one of those that gets used to anything.


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