do-si-dos and m.arch

Seriously sleep deprived – It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that I might faint at any given time during my commute because I’m sleepy.

There hasn’t been much going on lately, other than the fact that I was home sick this weekend and still have yet to do my taxes. I don’t know when I’ll find the time, between catching up with sleep and pseudo-entertainment my house guests. That’s right, I have guests staying over. But I’m being such a bad host! When I used to stay over at my mom’s friends’ places when we visited, they’d cook the three meals for us, take us around town, and be our downtime entertainment. All I do is make sure they have everything they need (bedding, proper heating, kitchen access, television, keys) and they’re pretty much on their own. I don’t typically cook for others, and I don’t really know how to start either. Hm, next time I’ll have to do better.

I have girl scout cookies! I bought samoas, thin mints, and dosidos. They are addictive, and my pants are getting tighter.

Every three to six months I’d ask myself, “Should I get a Masters in Architecture?” Economically, the answer is and will always be “it’s not practical” (unless I come across a multi-million inheritance or win the lottery). I spoke to a few friends who got an undergraduate degree in Architecture how they feel about the field, and the answer was an overwhelmingly “only if you love love love love it” and “yes, if you know for sure you’ll become an architect”. Now, I know I’m not the only person who’s ever struggled with this question over the same factors, especially since architecture is extremely competitive and male-dominated – “can I really love this field enough to stick with it for 20, 30, 40 years?” In the end I decided to at least apply, and let whatever happens decide my next step. So there! Best case scenario, I apply and get accepted, finish the degree, get hired by an architecture firm, and make $35k when I’m 30. Worst case scenario, I apply and get rejected, go on feeling my way through the real estate industry, and when I’m 30, make much more than $35k. Not bad, eh?

In any case, I’ll have to take my GRE and start preparing a portfolio. I’m going to need all the motivation I can muster!

I had this thought last night when I was watching Scrubs: Why isn’t there a show about art students or architecture students? Is it because it’s just not that funny? Or is it because the target audience is too busy creating to watch TV? There’s “IT Crowd” and “The Office”, and a slew of shows about law enforcers. What about the Creatives? When do their lives get dramatized?


Blogger Lazy Marathoner said...

There are lots shows for the creative; you just need to watch them on cable. Project Runway, awesome show, that chef show, pretty funny, and the oodles of real estate shows. The one that comes to mind is Flip This House where people buy a run down house, rebuild it, and then sell it trying to make a profit. I love it when they lose money because of lack of planning. Creative shows just work better in the reality TV format because of all the divas.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Leigo said...

We should really get together one day and talk about this "architecture" vs. "real estate" career thing. Want to come by after work one day, and Leigo will fix you some simple dinner?

6:16 PM  
Blogger aingeal is said...

i guess the creatives don't need their lives dramatized... it's naturally interesting.

11:41 PM  
Blogger wendytang said...

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Blogger diet coke bug said...

oh! i would also contemplate an m.arch every 6 months and after changing jobs a million times becuase i was miserable, i decided to just apply at the last min. i didn't get into any of my top schools, which i kind of expected bc i put my portfolio together in a month, so i had decided against going for all practical reasons. then i started to think about all of the study abroad opps, how much i'd enjoy learning something new, how much i'd hate to think that i spent my entire twenties running on that corporate hamster wheel from my window less cubicle waiting for a big fat thumbs up from some middle-aged balding mgr, and how if i ever wanted to go i'd have to go now when i don't have a mortgage and mouths to feed. i can't say i love love love the field bc i've never studied it in depth or worked in the field and i'm going just purely on my interest in the design, creative and architectural field. but when i think about how stifled and unhappy i was in finance/consulting...i think i made the right choice to go. i guess i lucked out bc i'm going to a good state school where my parents live so i'm practically going to school for free but after a year or two i'm going to try to transfer back to new york.

anyway, good luck!!

11:56 PM  

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