Goowy Launches Web Chat and Storage Products

Goowy users now have Meebo-like IM funtionality built directly into their Goowy desktop, and 1 GB of free online storage.

My two cents: I've been looking for a meebo replacement (anon-proxy sites don't seem to support javascript too well) ever since they blocked it at work, and this looked promising. Unfortunately, the Goowy platform requires Flash 8 in the browser of choice (IE at work only has Flash 7 - foiled again!), and I do recall it being really slow when I tried in at home (I believe it works on Firefox, and you know how 10+ tabs in a Firefox browser slows the PC down). Goowy's still in beta phase, so I'm not going to knock it "that much" just yet. The interface is more design oriented (eye candy) than utility (communication), but it shows plenty of promise in this culture of design worship.

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