none of this makes any sense.

Lecture Groupie: How hard can it be to RSVP to a lecture? I’ve been hearing the busy signal for the last hour, trying to get a spot in Downtown Alliance’s Thursday lecture series. Last month, I called at 5 PM, thinking New Yorkers have better things to do than to crowd a lecture on a Thursday evening, and it was completely booked. Since the MTA sends all its employees a telephone bill for business and personal use (budget cuts – is this normal???) I’m using the mobile’s redial. This feels like trying to buy World Series tickets. Too many nerds in New York? I need a personal assistant for this nonsense.

*Update* Lecture is full! Within 50 minutes of opening the telephone reservations line. They really need to get a bigger venue, and I need to get myself into part of a group for this!

In Queue at the IFC: On a related note, it was the same deal with getting tickets to
Drawing Restraint 9 last Wednesday. I really didn’t think it would be sold out by the evening, but Matthew Barney made a personal appearance – Q&A for the early show, introduction for the late show – and his celebrity is epic. I was even surprised at how long the line was for Friday’s early show. The movie itself can test the viewer’s patience. A few words to describe the movie so far: arduous, confusing, transparent, and squeamish. It is definitely visually and stunning, as the other Cremaster and Drawing Restraint efforts. I wouldn't venture into rating it, because ratings are for commercial endeavors.

While in the Virtual Realm: I haven’t checked NYTimes.com in awhile, but I like the new layout. It’s got that “
soft focus” look about it ;)

Random Acquaintances:I saw a
Trekkie this weekend! He was wearing his Trekkie pin! And all this time I thought they were an urban myth. At the same party, I met a modern Beatnik! Well, I can’t say for sure that she’s a Beatnik, just got the sense from her vibe. Urban Planning grad student that used to play the bass guitar, married to her partner for two years – I’d call that part of the Beat agenda for a first meeting.

Reaching Saturation: A friend tried to explain to me what Harmonym is. I got the sense that it was a self-healing technique, but since I already have a self-healing philosophy I found it hard to absorb. The existing mind-tenant refuses to make room for Harmonym :( And Harmonym is not on the web!!


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You asked for it... so here you go! I don't know if this is particularly obtuse or not, but it may provide some insight.

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that explains why i couldn't find anything on harmonym. thanks~

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