Lots going on round town – I love Spring! Too bad I’m stuck with setting up house over the next few months.

+ The Con Edison Plant next to United Nations is being torn down to make room for
Sheldon Solow's office and residential towers. Demolition pictures here and here.

+ And speaking of United Nations, it’s still
'planning' to install sprinklers throughout the building. 'Plans' are held back by uncertain funding sources (the government, who else?).

+ There’s an
unusual public art installation (building corner sticking out of the ground, I’d call that unusual) by Sarah Sze at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue (Central Park), who’s also speaking at the New School tomorrow. Online ticketing is a bit wonky, so I suspect it’s sold out.

+ And if you’re still wondering what the man in the water dome is doing at Lincoln Center,
this will explain it.

+ New consumer tool (in development):


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