#$%@#$ ennui

this is what's possible when wealthy residents pay their taxes and politicians move things forward:

In Oakland, California, Bay Area Rapid Transit just finished a test of a system that used sensors embedded in a parking lot to keep track of available spaces. Commuters could reserve those spots online or by phone, while electronic signs next to a nearby highway let motorists know how many spots were open at any given time. BART is now evaluating whether to expand the system, which is also being considered by San Diego and other cities. [wired]

not much going on lately except i have a walking washer problem. i recently purchased a front-load high-efficiency washing machine and it's sitting comfortably in a nook in my kitchen. i didn't use it right away because i had to buy special HE detergent. nobody tells you about special detergent and a possible walking problem when you're shopping for a washing machine. so i'm hoping the walking can be fixed, because i really don't want my house to vibrate every time i do laundry for the next 5 years.

i've also been obsessed over decorating my pad. found some helpful tips and ideas through lifehacker, and will post pics if i ever actually get to them.

also, this saturday: fxcm expo, and movie marathon at kim's in jersey city. june calendar's not up for some reason, but the schedule is 12pm kamikaze girls, 2pm rize, 3:30pm oldboy, and 5:45pm junebug.


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