coming at you at snail speed!!!

perhaps i should just do monthly updates :) it'll look a little something like this (cos baby, i've been workin' too much!):

923 was a special date: a friend got married. another got engaged. i got satellite tv :D

i attempted to throw myself at borat wednesday night. but there were too many younger, fresher, hipper, nyu students on line already.

i saw
sufjan stevens as the magnificent chinese snowbird at town hall friday night. i find myself thinking that i should've tried to see him (as a cheerleader, construction worker, stars and stripes banjo plucker) earlier.
regretfully, i did not get to play with the squeaky blow-up superman (or santa claus), as the lucky folks in the orchestra area did. but i *really* *really* wanted to. exclamation mark.

are you ready? this upcoming friday is another special night. watch the
webisodes now! huzzah!!


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