what a night

i will never eat at menchanko tei again (131 E 45th St, between 3rd & lex). and i tell ya, i have also never been so motivated to review a restaurant:
the choices were standard japanese noodle shop fare, as the decor, as my expectations. it's a welcomed variety in midtown. BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY ROACHES AT ONCE IN ANY FOOD ESTABLISHMENT (not even in chinatown). in the middle of consuming my noodle, a friend noticed one was on my napkin, inches away from my arm. i shook it off the table, and glanced over to the table to my right, and there was another one on the chair, sitting pretty. the staff reacted quickly enough to our points and silent calls for help by scooping the bugs off the floor and slapping the one on the chair flat. just then my friend pointed out another one crawling up the wall behind my chair, and the staff quickly slapped that one into oblivion as well. THREE ROACHES WITHIN ONE MINUTE FOUND. as you can imagine, we lost our appetites. what an unfortunate dining experience - i will never go back.

i have a crush on wang. marry me!

and damn you pythagoras.
And when you get the prizes, you’re often treated even worse. Men can tolerate a woman in physics as long as she is in a subordinate position, but many cannot tolerate a woman above them.


Blogger riceman said...

bwaahhahahahh! that's pretty messed up. sorry to derive joy from your traumatic dining experience. thanks for the heads up - will avoid that mechanko tei location from now on. wang rocks!

7:35 PM  
Blogger aingeal is said...

thanks :)

9:32 PM  
Anonymous anny said...

wowwww.... mechanko tei is literally sitting in my backyard. just ate there the other night. YIKES... (shiver)

(sounds like those mini mister changs were having their own night-out when you visited.)

but now where do i go for a bowl of steamy noodle soup on a rainy wintery night?!

5:25 PM  
Anonymous anny said...

just re-read your message (to relive the horror, as people sometimes do to themselves) and realized the branch you mentioned is not the one near me. phewph, there is still hope after all...

5:29 PM  

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